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XMT*- 3000 Series Digital Temperature Controller

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XMT*- 3000 Series Digital Temperature Controller

Operation Instruction

XMT*- 3000 series digital temperature controller can replace traditional digital meterit adopts gentle touch key-press to set freely single-row LED displaywith sensor’ s error amendmentits case is ultra-thinthe thickness of its frame is only 2mmany case can be configured according to client’s request),it makes the meter with more beautiful appearanceand makes the control capability more reasonable.

Ⅰ.Technical Indexes

1.  InputThermal resistancePT100CU50Thermal coupleJKSEB

Macromolecule humidity sensorprovided by ourselves)、thermal resistor NTC

Resistance and B value determined by Client

2Temperature range: K(0~1300℃)  E(0~800℃) S(400~1600℃)  J(0~1000℃) B(800~1800℃)

              Pt100(-50.0~200.0℃; -200~600℃)   Cu50(-50.0~150.0℃)

3 Display Precision:±1%F·S

4Return difference setting range040℃、0.020.0℃,

Sensor’s error translation amendment range-10.010.0℃、-19-20

5Control methodON/OFF or return difference controltime proportion controlProportional band 3%period 30s

6Outputrelay’s open and close trigger output AC220V/10A

Driving solid relay signaldriving electric current15mAvoltage9Vproportional band3%period2s

Driving controllable pulse outputscope3Vwidth 40us contact with pulse when move to exceed zero

7Working powerAC90242V  50Hz/60Hz     Power consumption:<4W

8Working condition0~50℃,humidity85RHwithout corrode and strong electric radiation

Ⅱ.Meaning of model


1                         2  3  4

Blank1External dimensionblank’:80×160×80   Installation hole76×152

S’:160×80×80   Installation hole152×76

A’:96×96×80    Installation hole92×92 

B’:60×120×105  Installation hole56×114 

E’:48×96×80    Installation hole44×92   

F’:96×48×80    Installation hole92×44

D’:72×72×100   Installation hole68×68  

G’:48×48×90    Installation hole44×44

K’:24×48×90    Installation hole23×45

Blank 2Control output method:‘0’:ON/OFF or potential difference controlrelay output

2’:upper and lower limit, relay output

3’:time proportion controlrelay output  

5’:Driving solid relay signal output

6’:Driving controllable silicon phase –shifting pulse signal output

7’:Driving controllable silicon signal output pulse when move to exceed zero

Blank 3Alarm method:‘0’:no alarm;‘1’:upper limit alarm;‘2’:lower limit alarm;‘5’:audible alarm

Blank4Input:‘1’:thermocouple 2’:thermal resistance    7’:Macromolecule humidity sensor

Suffix:‘D’:30A high-power relay output

Ⅲ. Panel indicating device:     1.png

Ⅳ.Parameter setting

1.  Main control set valueUnder normal measurement state ,press any of or for one timethe figure flickersthis data is current main control set valueif you want to modify itpressorto modifystop operation till ensure it., the figure flickers 8 times to save set valuethen return back to normal measurement state.

2. Return difference value settingsteady-state amendment when it is time proportion controller):Press SET for one time till appear6.pngat this time pressorcan set return difference valuedisplay method is kilobit LED display6.pngthe last three digit is potential difference amendment it will automatically save and exit after 3s.(the meter with time proportion,press SET for one timetill appear2.pngthen pressor ▲can set steady-state error amendmentdisplay method is kilobit LED display 2.pngthe last three digit is potential difference amendmentit will automatically save and exit after 3s)

3. Sensor’s error amendmentPress SET till it appear4.pngthen pressor▲can set sensors error amendmentdisplay method is kilobit LED display 4.png, the last three digit is amendmentit will automatically save and exit after 3swhen the measuring have bigger error or there is error between sensor’s position and ideal position, the measurement will occur error, the error can be eliminated  by using4.png,the measurement value can plus and minus modifyplease be careful to use this item, or it will make the measure inaccurate.

4. Alarm control value settingused as upper limit setting when it is upper and lower limit controller):Press SET till it appear8.pngno alarm or upper-limit meter without this display),At this time pressor▲ can set alarm control value, display method is“r8.png and alarm value alternately display, after 3s,it will automatically save and exit.


Ⅴ.Working principle


In schematic diagram, the signal sent by thermocouple and thermal resistance automatically cold end compensate

in the measuring bridge ,and then put it into magnifier, the signal will turn big, and at the same time revise the non-linear signal to linearity signal, enlarge the signal through linearization , one A/D switching circuit switch simulation quantity into digital signal to do digital display ,and another is transmitted to regulating network, do stated 

comparison operation ,also output needed control signal and do working state indication. 

Ⅵ.Control output

1.ON/OFF control or potential difference control: when measurement value<(Main control set valuereturn difference value10.png, OUT relay will always low-pass ,and high-cut, OUT indicator lighten ,and heater starts working; when the temperature goes up to main control set value, OUT relay will always low-cut, and high pass. OUT indicator goes up, and heater stops working ;When natural cooling to measurement value<(Main control set valuereturn difference value10.png    ,the heater restart working. when 10.png=0 ,the meter carry out ON/OFF control.

2.Time proportion control11.pngis time proportion steady–state error amendmentis identical with RESET potentiometer function of XMT*-2000 series meter’s panel,when the temperature does not reach the proportion range of set value, OUT relay will always low-pass , and heater starts working. when the temperature reaches the proportion range,11.png=0, the time of OUT relay’s low-pass and cut is the same. when11.png0 ,the time of OUT relay’s low-pass is shorter, and the cut time is longer; when11.png0,the time of OUT relay’s low-pass is longer ,and the cut time is shorter. When it exceed proportion range, OUT relay will always low-cut, and high pass.

3.Alarm Control :When the temperature measurement value alarm set value 12.png,alarm output ALM relay will always low-pass ,and high-cut, ALM indicator lighten.

4.Upper limit control when it is upper and lower limit meterWhen the temperature measurement valueset value  12.pngALM relay will always low-pass ,and high-cut, ALM indicator lighten. So as the lower limit control.

5.Controllable silicon contact type controller, if find its load two-terminal voltage with dithering, exchange two output wire.

Ⅶ.Fault indication

when window displays-H- or -L-”,it means this channel’s sensor measurement value over loading or   the sensor has be brokencheck the sensorbe sure the input between sensor and controller is the same.



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