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XMT*-608 Series Intellgence Digital Temperature Control Instrument

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XMT*-608 Series intellgence digital temperature control instrument

 Instruction Manual


XMT*-608 series intelligent temperature controller,is double row 3-LED display, respectively display temperature measurement value (PV) and setting value (SV). The controller can input kinds of signals which are used interchangeably,  three-button operation, adopts ON/OFF control and PID control .It allows an easy parameter setting and convenient inputting, is used widely temperature automatic control systems of machinerychemicalceramicslight industrialmetallurgypetrifaction and heat treatment and so on.

Main Technical Indexs

1Measurement deviation±0.5%F·S±1BCold end compensating deviation≤±2℃

2Input(can be selected)CU50(-50150)PT100-199600)、K-30999)、


3Relay output contact capacityAC220V   5A(resistance load)

 period 2120s can be adjusted.

4Drivng solid relay signal outputdriving electric current >15m A  voltage >9V

period is 2S


6Work environmenttemperature 050.0℃, relative humidity≤85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Instrument panel and connection scheme

1Instrument panelconsult                              


2Connection schemeconsult


Code setting sheet


Flow chart



1、  Electrify after taking into the power, sensor and control circuit according to the connection scheme,and then the instrument start testing itself for 1 second.

2、  After testing itself, the instrument enters into normal conditionthe upper row window displays tested value, underside row window(SV) displays the setting value.

3、  Modify the setting value

Press or key for 3S, the upper row window displays tested valueunderside row window(SV) display the setting value. Press or key to modifyfor long time press the key can accelerate. After modification, press SET to save and exit .If you don’t do this operation, it can be done itself.

4、  Interior Technical Indexes settingTechnical Indexes refer to the sheet

  (1) The first menu(19)  

Press SET key 3S to enter into the first menu, the upper window displays Indexe symbol, underside window diplays Index value. Press or key to modifyfor long time press the key can accelerate. After modification, press SET to save and enter into the next Indexs setting. if you don’t do this operation,it can be done itself.

  (2)The second menu1015

  Press  SET and key 3S enter into the second menu, and the setting method is the same as the first menu.

5、  Set itself

The meter is used in the first time or the surroundings have changer, finding it control not good, this time you need use the setting itself. For example:

First set the fixed value, and then enter the menu , set 5.png is 0.51.0,set 6.png to 7.pngand the At light is lightthe controller enters into setting itself state, here the controller is ON/OFF controlafter three times oscillationnew parameter 8.pngcan be confirmed and savedAT light goes outthe controller be reset and enters into the control state.  

Model sense

                  XMT□—6         8    

                   1   2    3      4     5

1:External size and Installation hole(mm)

Empty: 160×80×90       152×76         A:  96×96×90      92×92

  D:  72×72×90       68×68          E:  48×96×90      44×92

F:  96×48×90       92×44          G:  48×48×100     44×44

S:  80×160×90      76×152         B60×120×90      56×116

C80×120×35    wall set installation

2: Operation display method6: 3-key gentel push-switch setting, double row digital display, have PID adjustment

3: An additional alarm

Blank or ‘0’: indicates no alarm‘1’: High limit touch alarm‘2’: low limit touch alarm 

4Input signal classification: ‘8’:input signal can interchange free

5: Suffix  Nonerelay output           Gsolid state relay output            

Fault analysis and clearance

XMT*-608 adopts advanced production process, and has the strict test before leaving factory, it improve the reliability of the meter .The usual fault is caused by the wrong operation or parameter setting .If you find the fault couldn’t be cope with, please record it,and contact with the agent or us. Sheet 8-1 is the usual fault of XMT*-608   in the daily application

Sheet 8-1 Common fault handling

fault symptom

Analysis of causes

Disposal  measurement

Abnormal power

1poor contact of power cord 

2power switch without lose

Check the power

Signal   display do not correlate with the facts.displayHHorLL’)

1、Sensor model mismatch

2、wrong signal connection

1、check sensor model and meter interior input parameter

2、check signal wire

Abnormal output control

1、wrong connecting output wire

1、check output connection

Attached 1Statement of meter’s parameter attention letter and English letter


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