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  • How to use sublimation coating

    Usage of Sublimation Coating
    You could spray directly, scrub, immerse or pour the coating on the surface of products, wait unit the coating to be dry(no longer flowing).Then put products in 200°C oven to heat about 20 minutes.(If 180°C for 30minutes).
    1KG coating could spray 8 square meter products(about 300pcs sublimation mug)
    It could be used on wood, metal, stone .glass ,ect, which could bear 200°C high temp with 20minutes.
    If you find the product’s surface become yellow, just because the heating time is too long or temp is too high. If the paper stick on the surface when you transfer, then the heating time should be shorter.
    1. You must clean the surface of products first.
    2. Then turn on the oven to heat up ceramic materials (such as mugs or plates) to 30-40degree.don’t be too hot. And then take out ceramic materials . this step is just for avoiding dust on mugs or plates before coating . (metal & glass &wood material doesn’t need this step.)
    3. Then spray or pour coating on the products, when the coating spray evenly on the product’s surface, then take out and wait for drying. When there have no coating flowing off, then put them into oven to heat about 200°C oven, 20 minutes.
    4. When reaching the time, take out the products. That is ready for coating step.

  • How to make order from us?

    Firstly: send us the products list which you want to order(more details more better) also give us CONSIGNEE INFO

    Sencondly: We will send you PROFORMA INVOICE with freight and bank details

    Thirdly: when you confirm the invoice, pls do the payment and send us the bank receipt and we will start to prepare the order for you

    Fourly, when the goods ready we will send out ,after sending out we will giveyou tracking number or BL(for sea shipment)


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