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Heat Platen For Heat Press Machine

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The Heat Platen is the "heart" parts for a heat press machine. The main problem is:

1.Easy bent when heating up at high temperature;

2.Heating is no even

3.Platen is not flat

It will be headach when a customer have those problems.AIDARY had the priviledge to have been able to sell many many models and brands of Heat Presses.

There are look alike for most of companies AIDARY provide high quality heating platen.heating platen 拷贝These heating rods are comparable to those found in industrial ovens

that heat up quickly, work efficiently and last many many years.

Some manufacturers use "Toaster Type " winding heat elements.

These can have cold spots that occur in each bend of the metal or they are just too thin to properly heat up the casting.

Look in your Toaster and see where the element does not heat at the bends. Other Manufaturers attempt to use two different heat elements. These must be exactly matched for electrical resistance or they will heat differently, causing one side of the casting to be hotter or colder than the other. Some even have crossing points where hot spots can occur.

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