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69*45mm Oval Paper Cutter for Oval Badge Making Machine

1.Many sizes available
2.Back shell only plastic
3.One included: front shell, back shell, membrane and pin
4.Some badges have both metal and plastic back, some only plastic
  • CTO55


Name 69*45mm Oval Paper Cutter for Oval Badge Making Machine
Model Description Model Blank pin size Mould pictures Price 50 sets-
CTT25 Round   cutter  25MM 25mm 1pc 5kgs $35.00
CTT32 Round   cutter 32MM 32mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT37 Round   cutter 37MM 37mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT44 Round   cutter 44MM 44mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT50 Round   cutter 50MM 50mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT56 Round   cutter 56MM 56mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT58 Round   cutter 58MM 58mm 1pc 5kgs
CTT75 Round   cutter 75MM 75mm 1pc 5kgs $50.000
CTS35 Square   cutter 35mm 35mm 1pc 6kgs $61.00
CTS55 Square   cutter  55mm 55mm 1pc 6kgs
CTO25 Oval   cutter 25*18mm 25*18mm 1pc 6kgs
CTO35 Oval   cutter 39*31mm 39*31mm 1pc 6kgs
CTO45 Oval   cutter 57*45mm 57*45mm 1pc 6kgs
CTO55 Oval   cutter 69*45mm 69*45mm 1pc 6kgs
CTO70 Rectangle   cutter 25x70mm 25x70mm 1pc 6kgs
PCC25 Plastic   round cutter 25/32/44/58MM 25/32/44/58mm 1pc 6kgs $5.00
PCC44 Plastic   round cutter 75MM 75mm 1pc 6kgs $6.00

Size of paper and cutter

Badge Pin Size Paper and Cutter Size
25MM Badge pin 35MM
32MM Badge pin 32MM
37MM Badge pin 37MM
44MM Badge pin 44MM
50MM Badge pin 50MM
56MM Badge pin 56MM
58MM Badge pin 58MM
75MM Badge pin 75MM

paper cutter (10)paper cutter (11)paper cutterpaper cutter

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