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  • Topic about the Consumables Materials for DTF Printer
    1、 Hot melt powder(1) Melting range (melting point): 115-130 ℃(2) Ingredients: TPU (polyurethane)(3) Washing resistance grade (GB 5 is the best): 40 ℃ water washing grade 4, 60 ℃ water washing grade 4, dry cleaning and drying grade 4(4) Pressing condition: Time: 8-15 seconds Temperature: 120-165 Pre
  • Specification for Rosin Press Machine
    Rosin Press Specifications.pdf
  • The Main seaport of the country
    世界各大港口中英对照表国家港口ⅰ港口ⅱ港口ⅲ港口ⅳ港口ⅴ港口ⅵEuropean seaport 英国利 物 浦 Liverpool伦敦 London曼 彻 斯 特 Manchester纽 卡 斯 尔 New Castle朴 次 茅 斯 PortsmouthAvenmouth 阿芬默斯Belfast 贝尔法斯特Birkenhead 伯肯赫德Bristol 布里斯托尔Cardiff 加地夫Dunkirk 敦刻尔克Glasgow 格拉斯哥Hull 赫尔Milf
  • We provide all kinds of socket plug
    We provide all kinds of socket plug, FUJIAN AIDARY GIFTS CO .,LTD
  • How to heat press
    How To Use Heat Press Machine- Step By Step Guide AIDARY® Heat press printing (or heat press machine) is the easy way of printing artworks onto various garments to make them look attractive or pass a particular message. AIDARY® Heat Press Machine is not only affordable but also easy to use.
  • How To Do Screen Printing On T-shirts Professionally At Home
    How To Do Screen Printing On T-shirts Professionally At Home According to history chronicles, screen printing started thousands of years ago in China. Believe you me; there was a period where screens used for this machine were made from hair! Since then, the machine has undergone massive improvement
  • How to Make badge?
    How to Do Badge Pins Professional At Home? What is bages ?The badge is like a pin which we can stick on our cloth.We can DIY any desion on it.It is no like sublimation ,no need to heating the badge.It is only use a machine called"badge making machine" to press it. One sets of the blank badge pins