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  • Most Stable DTF Printer

    1.About printer
    The main parts on the machine is printer head and mainboard,
    1. Mainboard: hoson is the occupate 75% in the market,and the next is Sen yang which is high cost performance.If your budget is limited we suggest you to choose this.
    2. Printer head: the most stable one is EPSON I3200 but it is expensive, and the cheap model is XP600.The most accompany is Hoson mainboard+Epson I3200.
    There are different amount on printer head.There are 2heads,4heads and 8head.The more heads is more printer faster and more high quality printing.
    2Heads: 1head for colorful inks, 1head for white inks
    4Heads: 2heads for colorful inks,2head for white inks
    8Heads: 4heads for colorful inks,4head for white inks

    2.Hot melt powder
    (1) Melting range (melting point): 115-130
    (2) Ingredients: TPU (polyurethane)
    (3) Washing resistance grade (GB 5 is the best): 40 water washing grade 4, 60 water washing grade 4, dry cleaning and drying grade 4
    (4) Pressing condition: Time: 8-15 seconds Temperature: 120-165 Pressure: 2-4KG
    (5) Anti-static, anti-oil, good elasticity, tensile resistance, strong washing fastness, normal drying without cracking (for washing machine with drying function)
    Comparison Chart
    DTF compare
    3.About ink:
    the main raw materials are resin (waterborne polyurethane), titanium dioxide, and other additives
    At present, as the main raw material of white ink, resin is the W-6110 resin produced by Mitsui in Japan. This white ink is the best and most stable resin currently used. Enterprises such as Ink Bank and Tianwei still choose W-6110 as the raw material in resin selection. This is also the fundamental reason for the high cost of white ink. In terms of performance, 6110 has an effect that other resins can't achieve, no matter in elasticity, coverage and whiteness. At present, white ink is also being localized. Compared with imported resin, there will also be a big gap in cost, but there is still a big difference in performance with imported resin. At present, Chinese ink factories still mainly rely on imported resin, but some factories will use domestic or even reduce the resin content of ink (the normal resin content of 1L ink cannot be less than 20%) to control the production cost, thus reducing the sales price of ink, But the performance and stability will be greatly reduced!
    Rendering of domestic ink
    DTF description
    4.PET film
    (1) The bottom film is a kind of polymer material, referred to as PET film
    (2) At present, there are mainly two kinds of films on the market: one is oily film, the other is water-based film (generally speaking, it is not recommended to tell the customer what kind of printing film it is, because the solvent is added to the oily film, which may have environmental requirements in some foreign regions)
    (3) On the basis of water-based and oil-based films, different coating processes are derived, namely, three-in-one coating, water-based coating and oil-based coating.
    (4) In the sense of perception, the pattern picture can be divided into:; Matte, bright, single-sided and double-sided (mostly matte in the market)
    (5) Oily coating film: this film is a relatively mature product for DTP, and is also a mainstream product in the market. However, due to the complex coating process and relatively high cost, the normal coating needs to be repeated for more than 4 times, but the coating is stable and will not be affected by the weather, temperature and humidity, or there is poor separation, powder rising, etc
    (6) Water-based film: The coating materials used are water-based and soluble in water, so they are relatively environmentally friendly. However, the coating formula is unstable and is greatly affected by environmental factors. There are often problems such as powder swelling, water edge, inability to tear, poor washing fastness, poor ink absorption, etc
    (7) Three-in-one film: the process derived from the above two processes is to mix all the coatings together for coating, which will be lower in cost than the above two coating processes, but it is extremely unstable, because it is difficult to ensure the smoothness of the coating when all the coatings are mixed together for coating, mainly resulting in problems such as coating loss, poor color fastness, ink flow, etc. At present, there is no good film factory in China
    DTF description 1
  • Plug, socket & voltage by different country

  • NTT-2000 Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Controller

  • How to Making Sublimation Transfer

  • how to install coredraw

    how to install coredraw
  • Light Weight send to USA 12-32kgs by sea DOOR TO DOOR

    Shipping cost for one box flat bottom 20oz tumblers 50pcs (19kgs):
    -Cost for tumbler: 2.9*50=$145
    -Sea freight door to door to Western United States  by CLX : 51usd(zip code beginning from 8.9)     22-25days
    -Sea freight door to door to Middle United States  by CLX : 53usd(zip code beginning from     22-25days
    -Sea freight door to door to East United States  by CLX : 56usd(zip code beginning from     22-25days

    If you have any inquiry please feel free to contact with us at :  info@heatpresscn.com 

  • Manual for Yel-2001 NTTE-2000(N)english

  • Mug Heating Element for DIfferent Size

    Capacity Size Element Height Element Perimeter
    Element Perimeter
    Mug Height Mug Diameter
    3oz 80*152mm 80mm 152mm 20cm 75mm 4.8-8.2cm
    8oz 115*190mm 115mm 190mm 25cm 110mm 6-7.8cm
    11oz 120*235mm 120mm 235mm 28.5cm 115mm 7.5-9.0cm
    15oz 150*250mm 150mm 250mm 31cm 145mm 7.9-9.8cm
    20oz ceramic 135x260mm 135mm 25cm 31cm 130mm 7.9-9.8cm
    20oz tumbler 220*215mm 220mm 215mm 26cm 215mm 6.8--8.7cm
    30oz tumbler 270*215mm 270mm 215mm 32cm 265mm 7.5-9.0cm
    12oz cone φ90xφ62xh100mm 100mm φ90xφ62 φ90xφ62 95mm 12oz cone mug
    17oz cone φ88xφ60xh150mm 150mm φ88xφ60 φ88xφ60 145mm 17oz cone mug

  • The Voltage, current, power on the heat press

    发热板电器参数 heat platen Parameter
    发热板尺寸(cm) 电压(V) 电阻(Ω) 电流(A) 功率(W)
    6*12实心 110V 36.5 3 300
    220V 142 2 350
    12×12弯头 110V 40 3 300
    220V 80 1.5 350
    12*12实心 110V 40 3 300
    220V 135 2 350
    15*20实心 110V 20 6 600
    220V 60 3 800
    23×30 110V 20 5.5 600
    220V 60 3.2 800
    29*38 110V 10 11 1200
    220V 38 6 1300
    38×38 110V 8.5 13 1500
    220V 33.5 .7 1500
    40×50(横向) 110V 6.5 16 1800
    220V 22 10 2200
    40×60 110V 6 18 1800
    220V 21 10.5 2300
    50×70 110V 5 23 2500
    220V 16 14 3000
    60*80 110V 4 27 3000
    220V 14 16 3500
    30*100 110V 6 18 2000
    220V 16 14 3000
    80×100手动板 220V 7.5 30 6500
    80×100气动板 220V 5.8 36 8000
    75×105 220V 6 36 8000
    十工位笔机 110V 38 3 300
    220V 130 2 350
    杯垫120*235 110V 40 3 300
    220V 161 2 350
    杯垫220*215 110V 30 4 400
    220V 121 2 400
    杯垫270*235 110V 24 4.5 500
    220V 97 2 500
    10×17(大帽垫) 110V 21 5.5 600
    220V 77 3 600
    8×14(小帽垫) 110V 35 3 350
    220V 137 1.5 350

  • The main seaport of the country

  • How to use sublimation coating

    Usage of Sublimation Coating
    You could spray directly, scrub, immerse or pour the coating on the surface of products, wait unit the coating to be dry(no longer flowing).Then put products in 200°C oven to heat about 20 minutes.(If 180°C for 30minutes).
    1KG coating could spray 8 square meter products(about 300pcs sublimation mug)
    It could be used on wood, metal, stone .glass ,ect, which could bear 200°C high temp with 20minutes.
    If you find the product’s surface become yellow, just because the heating time is too long or temp is too high. If the paper stick on the surface when you transfer, then the heating time should be shorter.
    1. You must clean the surface of products first.
    2. Then turn on the oven to heat up ceramic materials (such as mugs or plates) to 30-40degree.don’t be too hot. And then take out ceramic materials . this step is just for avoiding dust on mugs or plates before coating . (metal & glass &wood material doesn’t need this step.)
    3. Then spray or pour coating on the products, when the coating spray evenly on the product’s surface, then take out and wait for drying. When there have no coating flowing off, then put them into oven to heat about 200°C oven, 20 minutes.
    4. When reaching the time, take out the products. That is ready for coating step.

  • How to make order from us?

    Firstly: send us the products list which you want to order(more details more better) also give us CONSIGNEE INFO

    Sencondly: We will send you PROFORMA INVOICE with freight and bank details

    Thirdly: when you confirm the invoice, pls do the payment and send us the bank receipt and we will start to prepare the order for you

    Fourly, when the goods ready we will send out ,after sending out we will giveyou tracking number or BL(for sea shipment)

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