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Plastic Paper Cutter for Badge Making Machine

1.Many sizes available
2.Back shell have metal and plastic optional
3.One included: front shell, back shell, membrane and pin
4.Some badges have both metal and plastic back, some only plastic
5. When you print  25/7/44/50/56/58/75 metal badges, plastic pad will be needed, we send it to you as free gift
  • PCC25


What is badge ?

What is bages ?The badge is like a pin which we can stick on our cloth.We can DIY any desion on it.It is no like sublimation ,no need to heating the badge.It is only use a machine called"button press machine"

to press it.

One sets of the blank badge pins contains: one front shell,one back shell,one pins and one membrane.

Model Cutting Diamter Usage
PCC35 Diameter Φ3.5-17cm Using for 25mm blank   badge
PCC44 DiameterΦ4.4-17cm Using for 32mm blank   badge
PCC53 DiameterΦ5.3-21cm Using for 44mm blank   badge
PCC70 DiameterΦ7.0-21cm Using for 58mm blank   badge
PCC86 DiameterΦ8.6-21cm Using for 75mm blank   badge

badge pinsbadge pinsbadge pinsbadge accessory

Now we want to do a pin badge with Apple IPHONE XS ,So how can we do next?

1.Preparing things:

-Any printer which can print in high solution paper.

-A high quantity paper with Apple IPHONE XS logo

-A button press machine

-A sets of blank badge

-A circle cutter

Next steps is editor the logo on Phpotoshop.And the paper size is very important.Let me take at 37mm badge pins for example.

The size for back shell is 35mm,front shell size is 37mm,membrane size is 49mm.The most import of the paper size is smaller than membrane and bigger than front shell---46mm is the best size.

Then using button press machine to press the pins.

Noticed: First we press the front shell mould first, the front shell,paper,and membrane will suck on the upper mould,and the turn the botton mould to press the back mould.then finish.

badge making machine mouldbadge

It is easy to do your own button.If you have any other questions please email us at: info@heatpresscn.com

badge making machine mould

shipping 拷贝shipping price term

If you need to do your own logo(design) on the products,please send us your design

Upload your design here