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Sublimation 8 Inches Golden Edge Glass Photo Frame

Brief Description:
Name: 8 inches of golden edge frame
Product Size: 180x230x5mm
Pack Size: 40*26.5*20cm
Package: 25pcs/boxes
Weight: 15kgs
Product Size:
  • BL16


Key words Sublimation 8 Inches Golden Edge Glass Photo Frame
Materials Glass
Model Products size Weight Package Pack Size Price
BL01 180x230x5mm 14kg 25pcs/box 41*26*20cm $1.09
BL02 180x130x10mm 12kg 20pcs/box 42*22*16cm $1.95
BL03 150X230X5mm 12kg 25pcs/box 39*26.5*17cm $1.09
BL04 180x230x5mm 14kg 25pcs/box 40*26.5*20cm $1.09
BL05 230x180x10mm 22kg 20pcs/box 41.5*26*20.5cm $2.75
BL06 180x230x10mm 22kg 20pcs/box 41.5*26*20.5cm $3.20
BL07 180x130x10mm 13kg 20pcs/box 42*22*16cm $2.35
BL08 230x120x10mm 15kg 20pcs/box 42*26.5*14.5cm $2.25
BL09 280x230x10mm 20kg 12pcs/box 32*26*26cm $3.95
BL11 300x160x5mm 9kg 12pcs/box 32*22.5*18.5cm $2.20
BL12 300x160x10mm 23kg 20pcs/box 41.5*33*18.5cm $3.66
BL13 390x290x10mm 35kg 12pcs/box 41.5*25.5*32.5cm $6.70
BL14 200x200x5mm 12kg 20pcs/box 22.5*22*22cm $1.60
BL15 300x300x5mm 12kg 12pcs/box 38.5*32.5*15.5cm $2.40
BL16 180x230x5mm 15kg 25pcs/box 40*26.5*20cm $0.99
BL17A 100x100x4mm 12kg 120pcs/box 38*23.5*13cm $0.38
BL17B 100x100x4mm 10kg 120pcs/box 38*23.5*13cm $0.41
BL-18 390x285x4mm 17kgs 12pcs/box 38*23.5*13cm $1.60
BL19 220x125x10mm 15kg 20pcs/box 30*25*30cm $5.25
BL24 200x200x5mm 11kg 20pcs/box 30*25*30cm $1.13
BL25 200x200x5mm 10kg 20pcs/box 35*23*22cm $1.05
BL26 200x200x4mm 12kg 20pcs/box 40*22*22cm $1.50
BL27 200x200x4mm 12kg 20pcs/box 40*22*22cm $1.60
BL28 300x160x5mm 9kg 12pcs/box 32*22.5*18.5cm $2.00
BL-30 270x180x5mm 13kgs 20pcs/box 32*22.5*18.5cm $1.50
BL29 300x160x5mm 8kg 12pcs/box 32*22.5*18.5cm $0.95
BL31 180x230x5mm 14kg 20pcs/box 40*26.5*20cm $0.99
ZJ-5/ HC52A 5mm 12kg 500pcs/box 40*26.5*20cm $0.19
ZJ-10/ HC52B 10mm 12kg 500pcs/box 40*26.5*20cm $0.28

Sublimation process on Sublimation 8 Inches Golden Edge Glass Photo Frame:

1.     Printing the the design on sublimation paper;

2.     Cuting the paper in correct size;

3.     Stick the paper on the metal sheet by using Thermal high temp tape;

4.     Put the metal part under the heat press machine and press it at 190C,30sec

8 inches of golden frame BL16 (2)8 inches of golden frame BL16 (1)8 inches of golden frame BL16 (17)8 inches of golden frame BL16 (10)8 inches of golden frame BL16 (3)

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