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12oz Cone Mug Heating Element

  • HE12OZCO


Key   words 12oz Cone Mug Heating Element
Voltage 110V /220V
Plug Male /Female
Temp Arrange 0-300C
Capacity Size Element   Height Element   Perimeter(inner) Element   Perimeter(outter) Mug   Height Mug   Diameter
3oz 80*152mm 80mm 152mm 20cm 75mm 4.8-8.2cm
8oz 115*190mm 115mm 190mm 25cm 110mm 6-7.8cm
11oz 120*235mm 120mm 235mm 28.5cm 115mm 7.5-9.0cm
15oz 150*250mm 150mm 250mm 31cm 145mm 7.9-9.8cm
20oz ceramic 135x260mm 135mm 25cm 31cm 130mm 7.9-9.8cm
20oz   tumbler 220*215mm 220mm 215mm 26cm 215mm 6.8--8.7cm
30oz tumbler 270*215mm 270mm 215mm 32cm 265mm 7.5-9.0cm
12oz cone φ90xφ62xh100mm 100mm φ90xφ62 φ90xφ62 95mm 12oz   cone mug
17oz cone φ88xφ60xh150mm 150mm φ88xφ60 φ88xφ60 145mm 17oz   cone mug

How to order the 12oz Cone Mug Heating Element?

  1. Give us the size of the element you need;

  2. Confirm the voltage;

  3. Confirm the plug(see the pictures below);

  4. Confirm the hole distance(see the pictures below);

  5. Also confirm if the controller is K type sensor;

Our default distance is 2 holes and 2 folds at 8cm distance(see the pictures below)2 holes and 2 folds heating elementPlug

Heating pipes inside the silicon mat

heating element (1)heating element (2)

shipping 拷贝shipping price term